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What is The No-No List?

As a licensed psychotherapist who has been happily married for 40 years, Venus Rouhani pulls from both scientific and personal experience to guide others towards healthy relationships. Every person has a different set of values and priorities and Venus encourages those looking for love to deeply understand themselves and the qualities they are looking for in a partner, as well as their trigger points for pain and disappointment, before diving into a new romance.

  • Why we often repeat bad relationships patterns
  • Why having things in common with a partner is not enough
  • How to see the warning signs of a bad relationship
  • Why we often rationalize the negatives in our partners
  • Why great chemistry with a partner sometimes explodes
  • How a No-No List can help you find the perfect partner

Although Venus recognizes that emotion plays a powerful role in the pursuit of a partner, her process emphasizes the triumph of pragmatism over chemistry, and advocates that awareness of undesirable qualities in a partner is much more vital than the pursuit of common interests. By using the head to guide the heart, Venus’s realistic, actionable advice empowers her readers and clients to embrace what makes them unique, to never feel shame about their needs, to take accountability for their choices, and to create fulfilling relationships.


How Venus Can Help

The Book

A radical new way to approach the search for the perfect partner, The No-No List captures Venus’s best advice and tactical solutions for those frustrated with dead-end dating.


Want to work directly with Venus? She offers one-on-one counseling sessions for couple and individuals seeking relationship guidance from her office in Austin, Texas.


Bring Venus’s provocative speeches to your organization. With topics ranging from partner selection to healthy boundaries, attendees walk away with a new view on relationships.


By identifying No-No's in relationships, Venus reveals the deal breakers that so often result in divorce. Grounded in brain science and relational research, her book provides a clear guide to eliminate unhealthy love interests.

Testimonial #3

Company : Katy Swafford, PhD, Licensed Psychologist

The No-No List is an easy-read with a common sense approach to finding love and staying in love (it's not just for singles). This book encouraged me to ask myself some simple yet effective questions and helped saved my failing marriage.

Testimonial #2

Company : Laura Ibarra, Client, Denver, Colorado

Venus provides a new approach to solving the age-old problem of selecting a loving mate. Those who integrate her hope-inspiring ideas to create their own No-No List will undoubtedly make better choices that will help their interpersonal relationships thrive.

Testimonial #1

Company : Karen Chitwood PhD, Licensed Psychologist

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How to Write Your No-No List

If you’ve already discovered the No-No List, then you likely understand the importance of identifying character and personality differences in a potential partner early in a relationship. This awareness of trigger points that are not conducive to a long-term, healthy relationship can save you from wasting both time and emotion on the wrong person.

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