What People are Saying

“Venus provides a new approach to solving the age-old problem of selecting a loving mate. She provides guidelines and experiential exercises applicable to young and old, first time relationships, re-partnering, and even non-romantic relationships. Those who integrate her hope-inspiring ideas to create their own No-No List will undoubtedly make better choices that will help their interpersonal relationships thrive.”
—Karen Chitwood PhD,
Licensed Psychologist and Assistant Professor,
St. Edwards University

“Venus Rouhani offers a fresh and practical approach to decision making about relationships. By identifying No-No’s in relationships, she reveals the deal breakers that so often result in divorce. Grounded in brain science and relational research, her book provides a clear guide to recognize and eliminate unhealthy love interests.”
— Katy Swafford, PhD,
Licensed Psychologist and
Founder of The Eidetic Institute

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