The Book

A Radical New Approach to Finding the Perfect Partner

How is The No-No List Different From Other Dating Books?

In The No-No List, psychotherapist and author Venus Rouhani dispels the popular misconception that common interests are enough to sustain a fulfilling relationship. The problem with this approach is that even when we have plenty in common with our partners, there can still be areas, ranging from indecisiveness and neediness to controlling tendencies and abuse, that are considered “deal breakers.” Sometimes these differences in individual relationships and needs can be overcome, but often they represent irresolvable “No-Nos.”

In this insightful book, Venus turns the dating game on its head and offers a radical new approach to the search for a perfect partner. Included are a list of the most common No-Nos as well as charts to help you make your own list and find everlasting love. Backed by scientific expertise and a lifetime of personal experience, Venus’s game-changing insights allow you to understand the profound connection between failed relationships and the hidden trigger points for pain and disappointment.

Whether you’re dating, married, or somewhere in between, Venus will equip you with a strong understanding of what you don’t want in a relationship, while showing you how to spot the hidden deal breakers and use a red flag road map to guide you toward relationship success.

What People are Saying

“Venus provides a new approach to solving the age-old problem of selecting a loving mate. She provides guidelines and experiential exercises applicable to young and old, first time relationships, re-partnering, and even non-romantic relationships. Those who integrate her hope-inspiring ideas to create their own No-No List will undoubtedly make better choices that will help their interpersonal relationships thrive.”
—Karen Chitwood PhD,
Licensed Psychologist and Assistant Professor,
St. Edwards University

“Venus Rouhani offers a fresh and practical approach to decision making about relationships. By identifying No-No’s in relationships, she reveals the deal breakers that so often result in divorce. Grounded in brain science and relational research, her book provides a clear guide to recognize and eliminate unhealthy love interests.”
— Katy Swafford, PhD,
Licensed Psychologist and
Founder of The Eidetic Institute

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