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When it comes to dating, do you feel as if you are doing all the right things but still picking all the wrong people? Have you been told that the key is to just find someone who you have a lot in common with, only to discover that a relationship with an initial spark can make you happy at the beginning and miserable at the end?

In her engaging and powerful speeches, psychotherapist and author Venus Rouhani offers large and small audiences a new way to approach the search for a perfect partner. Backed by scientific expertise and a lifetime of personal experience, Venus’s insights allow attendees to understand the profound connection between failed relationships and the hidden trigger points for pain and disappointment, while providing them with tools to help identify and manage their own “No-Nos.”

“If you truly want a match, you can find one, no matter what obstacles you think you have to overcome.”

– Venus Rouhani –

Speaking Topics Include:

The No-No List Keynote

Do you know what the non-negotiable qualities are in your relationships? For those frustrated with dead-end dating, Venus outlines the fundamentals of her discerning approach to pre-relationship evaluation, including an overview of the most commonly misunderstood deal breakers, ways to spot red flags, and the steps you can take to develop your own No-No List.

The Secret to Picking a Partner

If you’re picking your dates the way most people do— focusing solely on chemistry and the things you have in common—you’re doing it wrong. Venus offers realistic, actionable advice to empower her audience with methods for developing indispensable dating criteria and ways to recognize both positive and negative qualities in a potential partner.

Loving the True You

When it comes to love, there truly is someone for everyone. But there’s a catch: To find that person, you must first be willing to accept yourself, with all your quirks and imperfections. Venus shares her supportive and pragmatic process to reject pressure to change, embrace your relationship needs, and open up your heart to find an authentic match.

The Power of Boundaries

Whether in personal or professional relationships, knowing where to draw the line can lead to stronger connections and more successful outcomes. Venus presents an in-depth examination of the importance of boundary setting in relationships, augmented with techniques to successfully establish and maintain your own personal limits.

Ideal for Audiences Looking To:

  • Evaluate potential partners in the pre-relationship phase
  • Stop repeating relationship patterns from the past
  • Overcome difficulties within an existing, committed relationship
  • Recover and rebound from painful breakups
  • Achieve feelings of strength, confidence, and self-acceptance
  • Develop authentic, loving relationships that last

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